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Tehran subway map has been published by Tehran municipality.

The point which is important to know about this map is that the lines 6,7 is not launched since yet.You can get to the west of Tehran from the east by the lines 2,4 and 5, the line 3 starts from the north-east of The city and ends in south-west of Tehran and you can go from the north to south through line 1 which you can detect it by red color.

The Tehran Metro is a rapid transit system serving Tehran, the capital of Iran.The Tehran Metro carries more than 3 million passengers a day.In 2014, 815 million trips were made on Tehran Metro. As of 2015, the total system was 221 kilometers (137 mi) long,162 kilometers (101 mi) of which is metro-grade rail. It is planned to have a length of 430 kilometers (270 mi) with 9 lines once all construction is complete by 2020.On all days of the week, the Metro service runs from approximately 05:30 to 23:00.

Tehran subway map

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Mini City Terminal

Eram Terminal

Mahallati Terminal

Gheytarieh Terminal

Oshan Terminal

Nobonyad Terminal

Shahid Nazari Terminal

Sazman-e Ab Terminal

Meydan-e Sana't Terminal

Haghani Terminal

Vanak Terminal

Resalat Terminal

Elm-o-Sana't Terminal

Azadi Terminal

Taavon Terminal

2nd Sadeghiyeh Sq. Terminal

Jannat abad Terminal


Shahr-e Ziba Terminal

Pol-e Seyed khandan Terminal

Shaghayegh Terminal

Resalat Terminal

Shamshiri Terminal

Moein Terminal

Shoosh Terminal

Emam Khomeini Terminal

Kolahdooz Terminal

Basij Terminal

Samen-ol hojaj Terminal

Yadavaran Terminal

Satrak Terminal

Ali abad Terminal

Razavieh Terminal

Nemat Abad Terminal

Soroori Terminal

Shahed Terminal

Javanmard-e Ghasab Terminal

Shahr-e Rey Terminal

Zakaria Razi Terminal

Azadi Stadium Terminal

Chitgar Terminal

IranKhodro Terminal

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