Iran Music

IRAN Music

Brief History

In ancient Persia, while Sunrise and sunset, a band played drums and kerna. In Avesta, in Yasnah section said that doctors treated their patients with Iranian music. At that time, there were three types of ritualistic music religious, lyrical and martial arts, also in the celebrations of nature and historical and national days Special Iranian music was performed. novades and special Iranian music. During the Achaemenid period, they performed hymns and songs called Horea in wars and celebrations that are commonplace now in Ilam and western territories of Iran.

Types of Iranian Classical Music Instruments

In terms of sound

String family  Tar  2 Tar  3 Tar  Oud  Tanbour  Chagour  Robab  Ghanoon  Chang  Kamanche  Gheychak Zehi Santour
Woodwind family  Flute  Ney  Ghare Ney  Ney anban  Karna  Balaban  Doozle  Sorna  Nafir Shemshal
 Dayere  Dohol  Tonbak  Naghare  Tas Daf

Types of Modal in Iranian Music

Seven Modals, Five Songs

Each Iranian musical modal is a sequence of different Iranian music scenes which the Musician induces special feeling and passion to the listener by selecting each of them.

Traditional Iranian music includes seven Modals and five Songs.

Modals  Shoor  3 Gah  4 Gah  Homayoon  Mahoor  Nava  Rast 5 Gah
Songs  Aboo Ata  Bayat e Turk   Afshari  Dashti Bayat e Isfahan