Iran Events

Date Event
 3/05  The day of beneficence and philanthropy
 3/06  The day of arboriculture
 3/11  The day of “Rahiyane noor”
 3/13  The memorial day of martyrs
 3/16  The day of chemical bombardment of “Halabche” by Iraq army (1988)
 3/20  The day of nationalization of Iran oil industry (1951)
 3/21  Norouz
 3/22  Norouz – Initiating the “Fath ol mobin” operation - Invasion of the Shahi regime to the “Feizieh” school in Qom (1964)
 3/23  Norouz
 3/24  Norouz

Ancient Iranian Celebrations

Iranians created many feasts and celebrations to pay homage to many deities and they are mostly farming festivals.

Iranians divide the Iranian year into two equal parts or seasons. The first season was summer and the second was winter. The coming of the two seasons would be celebrated through Norooz and Mehregan. The later is the festival dedicated to Mehr Izad. It is celebrated on the 16th of the seventh month (Mehr) at the time of the harvest festivals and beginning of the winter. It has been the second most elaborate celebration after Norooz.


 Date  Event
Mar.21st Ancient Norouz
Mar.26th Zoroaster Birthday
Apr.2nd Sizdah-Bedar
Apr.2nd Tying brunette
Apr.22nd Ordibeheshtegan


 Date  Event
Oct.8th Mehregan
Nov.1st Abanegan
Nov.30th Azargan


 Date  Event
Jul.4th - Jul.13th Tirgan
Jul.29th Omordadegan
Aug.26th Shahrivargan




Dec.16th Urmazd o Daymah
Dec.23rd Urmazd b Azar o Daymah
Dec.30th Urmazd b Mehr o Daymah
Jan.7th Urmazd b Dein o Daymah
Dec.21st Yalda
Jan.22nd Bahmangan
Jan.30th Sade Festival
Feb.18th Sepandarmazgan
The last Wednesday of the year Charshanbe soori